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To create a new shell, add a new directory your shells directory.

Terminal window
# Create a directory in the `shells` directory for a new shell.
mkdir -p ./shells/my-shell

Now create the Nix file for the shell at shells/my-shell/default.nix.

# Snowfall Lib provides a customized `lib` instance with access to your flake's library
# as well as the libraries available from your flake's inputs.
# You also have access to your flake's inputs.
# All other arguments come from NixPkgs. You can use `pkgs` to pull shells or helpers
# programmatically or you may add the named attributes as arguments here.
stdenv.mkDerivation {
# Create your shell

This shell will be made available on your flakeā€™s devShells output with the same name as the directory that you created.