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Snowfall Lib automatically exports your packages on your flake and makes them available to all other parts of your flake. This includes making these packages available to other packages in your flake, NixOS systems, Darwin systems, Home Manager, modules, and overlays.

To create a new package, add a new directory your packages directory.

Terminal window
# Create a directory in the `packages` directory for a new package.
mkdir -p ./packages/my-package

Now create the Nix file for the package at packages/my-package/default.nix.

# Snowfall Lib provides a customized `lib` instance with access to your flake's library
# as well as the libraries available from your flake's inputs.
# You also have access to your flake's inputs.
# All other arguments come from NixPkgs. You can use `pkgs` to pull packages or helpers
# programmatically or you may add the named attributes as arguments here.
stdenv.mkDerivation {
# Create your package

This package will be made available on your flakeā€™s packages output with the same name as the directory that you created.